Dienstag, August 11, 2009

Tapa Mudra

One of the very important sign of a Vaishnava is the Tapa Mudra, or the signs of Lord Vishnu Conch and Firewheel burned on the skin. Most of the time it will be done in the initiation ceremony tobe part of the panca samskara. In some cases it is given with the start of every year of Caturmasya or other spiritual festivals. So dont hesitate just get it done!

Udupi Krishna in Venkateshwara Mood

Montag, August 10, 2009

history of engeland part 2

Some of the visitors are very special, like this women having a text of the latin lipi with some egypt script tattooed on her back.

history of engeland

If you go back to the pre-christian tradition of engeland, you will meet with the same ancient sun worship as other lost cults have done in the past. One of the world famous one in engeland is stonehenge! We went there to meet with the local celt priests and get a more deeper understanding of the culture of Sun worshippers from that time. He told us about the woodhenge holy place just close by - and we went there too. Just about few kilometers away from stonehenge a similar place of worship but it was made from wood. There the dead was cremated and carried in procession to stonehenge to meet with the shafts of sunlight on the appropriate day, and travel to the next selected destination. Stonehenge was considered to be the door to the higher realm of livin as well consciousness. In 12 zodiacs 12 doors open up with the Sunlight falling trough those doors, were the spirit will trevel to his next destination. 32 tumulus are placed in a distance of 1 km around stonehenge, marking the number as important (as in indian tradition the 32 is a holy number; the anusthub mantra of Narasimha has 32 bjiaksharas, 32 are the knowlegde given in the Upanishad's etc.). The whole place was built in time of the last Yuga - Dwarapa - 3000 years before Christ! That means, stonehenge was built in the time of Lord Krishna been on this planet!
And if you are in front of it, you feel it is not a ordinary place, it has special power. In the early years 1979 Kripamoya Prabhu and some other Krishna Devotees did a Yagya (Fire ceremony) inside the circle! Nowadays you are banned to go close. Time changes... lets see what the next 30 years bring.

white elephant puja

And as we getting closer to the kriyas of engeland* we see white elephants* doing all kind of puja. Especially Vivaha (Marriage) - and some Naimittika prayogas for the welfare of the country. So vedic dharma has spread all over engeland...

engeland is india land

If you visit east London you think you are in chennai or Mumbai... and some good temple buildings as well! Just next to a butcher store or some huge mosque! And so many shopping stores for puja items, really great! If that we would have in berlin, whauh!

engeland tour july 2009

i have been visiting the great enemy of germany in that century, by now the great friend of our country - england. Spiritually the country has some good things to show, so i will take you on a tour with my friend Kripamoya Prabhu, the greatest of all english men - a true spiritual teacher (deshika!). If interested you might see his blog (www.deshika.wordpress.com). Anyhow we start with.... i think you guess - London!
the madness of subway you have to go trough to see good stuff like... swamy narayana Mandir! It is such a beautyful carved temple, that one forgets about the philosophy and the puja the Swami followers offer...! Yes amazing!!!

Donnerstag, August 06, 2009

Vara Lakshmi puja 2009

Here are some new inprints on our puja on Vara lakshmi Vrata day 2009.