Montag, März 15, 2010

Tour to Ayodhya for Padmanabha

We will bring his ashes back to the holy land of Bharat, and do puja for this istha Devata Lord Ramachandra in Ayodhya. If you have any information for accomodation in and around ayodhya, especially in citrakut, we would be very thankful.

Jaya sriman Narayana!!!

Padmanabhas demise March 2010 part two

But Padmanabhas departure not only has left a emotional and personal but also a material hole in the Family.
Apart from the inexpressible loss also a large embarrassment exists in material regard.
Without foresighted social security now continual new Commitments and financial problems are arising, since Padmanabhaji had no health insurance and the family depended entirely on his income now they have to pay many bills like funeral costs, search for employment, authority costs and infinitely much more.
On behalf of Madanalasa (the wife of him) we want to appeal directly to the helpfulness of all of you.
We ask you, as far as your conditions permit it, to help also financially or in any other way the family.
If you would like to send some Laxmi u could dispatch the Laxmi in a brown envelope and send it to Madanalasa directly:

Marlies Binder-Knott
Neuburger Strasse 50
94032 Passau

or you could transfer it on the accountof a friend of the family:
Heidi Griem
Berliner Bank Acct. - No. 4742915100
BLZ: 100,200 00

Please address the donation under “Madanalasa”

For Madanalasa this whole situation is very inconvenient but we could convince her that there is no other way since right now she has no more financial savings left.
Please be helpful and support this family.
Thank you very much!!!

Padmanabhas demise March 2010

Dear Friends and well wishers,
Our beloved friend and learned scholar Padmanabha has left us and leave behind a big scar on our souls. We will miss his cheerful and wonderous assosiation we had with him. He served for over 15 years as a pujari of Lord Narasimha in the german Narasimha farm, and for around 30 years in different temples around the world. He had done hundreds of yagyas, vedic marriages and pujas of different purposes for all kind of people.
His whole life dedicated to the service of mankind as he functioned as guide in vedic astrology. Beside of this he knew ayurveda, palmistry and was a great master in subtle sattvic tantric practises. Many people from different background came to him to get answered some difficult questions for their own life, and he never rejected any request for help. Beside of all of this he was a great Devotee of Lord Rama and Sri Hanuman and knew the Ramayana of different versions very well. He liked the Valmiki Ramayana as well Tulsi Dasas Hanuman carisa, and could recide sanskrit with meaning of all the stories by remembering only.
In November 2009 he himself fell sick while giving a seminar on Astrology with broncitis which went on his lungs and finally on his heart. His kidneys failed to function properly and finally he left the world on 5.3.2010 at 11 pm night.