Donnerstag, September 30, 2010

Ayodhya and the issue of trying to please two fighting parties

I was waiting the verdict of the Ayodhya Case with great tension today, and would rather watch the news then do puja attentively. Why??? Because it is not just a political or socialreligious issue, but a emotional one too. I have been in india 1992 i have seen the riots in Varanasi and Chennai and i still see the volcano of hatred and war could just explore any moment india into a very heavy bloodshet.
The Ghandhi theory to join two opposite believes together, which separated India into two countries are still the same problem over hundred of years. It created Kashmir issue, bombing and killing in bombay, hijacking planes and will never end. It is in the name of politics and religious politics where political and religious leader never come with the truth and say openly right or wrong, fearing to loose power or influence.
The Rama Janmabhumi Sthana (Place of Lord Ramas birthsite in ayodhya) was always a place of worship in antiquity (at least from the time of the Kushans, 2000 years ago!!!) or better to say the holy Mekka of the believers in Sanathana Dharma! Stumping those places of worship to dust while bringing a so called better GOD* has been the policy of the fanatic muselman not ONLY in India but all over the world right from the beginning with mohammed, the founder of this strange belief, in the year 611 AD. His Jihad* has come to our german brother doors of vienna in the year 1683 AD, and if not polish soldiers were interferring we would follow ramadan and read in arabic our newspapers today (you see germany today you could get the impression the islamic invasion did win those years back!!!).

Anyhow in the modern western world we only recognized the islamic treat from the events of the civilwar in ex jugoslavia, were our supported "uncle" Osama binLaden tried to built a first europian "real"muslim state with stoning and other shariahorrorLaws but failed, before he went to Afganistan and did it there.
But if you start to read the history of India from the time of Gazni*Mahmud (10th century) you would shiffer of fear and disgust! It was always normal practise to kill all unbelievers (kafirs) and destroying their places of worship (temples, shrines etc.) as a holy act sanctioned by Mohammed it self! And using the materials for building a mosque on top of it, was just practical. One of the most horrific events was the invasions of GazniMahmud were he invaded 17 times indias soil, destroying holy cities like Multan, Thaneswar, whole area of Rajasthan and the famous and glorious town of Somanatha (one of the 12 jyothilingam). I will write later about this maniac, who is still considered to be a great men in arabic lands.
So what you can think could bring peace after such history?