Sonntag, November 26, 2006

very rare picture of Vyagra (tiger) Guha (cave) Narasimha deity

this picture is made in a very distant area of karnataka. It is somewhere in the mountains near shimoga, close to udupi. It shows a full animal deity with few aspects of a Tiger, therefore it is named as Vyagra - Tiger cave. The priest is a very old person, and there is not even a lamp inside. but the flash of my camera was engough to get a nice pic of it.

Montag, November 13, 2006

Salagrama silas of Sri Vidyabhushana part4

This one Laxmi Narasimha Salagrama is a very old one, and was presented by the present Jeeyar of the Pejawar Mutt to Sri Vidyabhushana. It is Laxmi Narasimha carved on a Salagrama sila, on the back side one can see a beautiful Sudarshana. See the details on this Vigraha, and the smiling face of Lord Narasimha. Normally it is not in practise to carve out of Salagrama any Murthy, because Sri Salagrama Sila is a direct manifestation (Svayambhu = self manifest of the Supreme Lord) of Para Vasudeva, Sri Vaikuntha, and it is commonly accepted as he is found inside the riverbed of Gandaki, Nepal.
But in rare cases (like this ancient deity) such Forms are lovely worshipped. We have plenty of such examples like Udupi Krsna, Guruvayoor Krsna, Bhuvaraha of sri Mushnam, Badri Narayana and others were carved out of Salagram sila by rishis or demigods. So who knows from where this deity comes from. Enjoy it!

Salagrama silas of Sri Vidyabhushana part3

two wonderful salagram silas, Sudarshana silas...

other silas from Sri Vidyabhushana

This sila has 3 chakras in front, Matsya Sila

Salagrama silas of Sri Vidyabhushana

I made few shots from the rare collection of my friend and famous singer sri Vidyabhushana of his personal Salagrama Silas in his possession. Most of them were given by different friends and supporters, so see and enjoy them. The first one is a Ugra Narasimha Sila, and see the red lines near his mouth.. uaaaahhhh

Funny big size Fossil or Sudarshana Chakra?

In July 1947 geologist Chuck Newmarch and a small field crew working for the British Columbia Geological Survey were busy mapping coal seams in the shales, siltstones and sandstones exposed above Coal Creek in the Rocky Mountains just east of Fernie in the south-east corner of British Columbia. Fossils are few and far between in these rocks and it was not clear which part of these coal measures is Jurassic and which Cretaceous. So, Newmarch was astonished when, on reaching a massive sandstone bed, he literally stepped into a giant ribbed depression the size of a tractor tire. He was no paleontologist, but when he saw the coiled nature of the depression he realized that he was looking at the imprint of an ammonite, but one of truly heroic proportions. The fossil measured almost 1.5 metres across -- by far, the biggest complete ammonite ever found in Canada.
but guess if that would be found in India there would be a big temple around!

Mittwoch, November 08, 2006


Have been in the indian museum in Dahlem/Berlin, with a big collection of ancient Forms and murthies of Hindu/Jaina/buddhism. Fond this one here, Catur Murthi - for the four directions, normally found on the Temple Vimana carved and installed. This is made in red sandstone, of Gupta Tradition (3.-5th century AD) were one finds Sri Narasimha (south direction), Sri Vaikuntanatha (standing Vishnu for west direction), Sri Sri Bhu Varaha (North direction) and Sri Hayagriva (east direction). May it was used on top of a Temple instead of Kalasha (pots representing the Vedas).
Scientist speak normally that Narasimha was not worshipped before Gupta, but one finds clear indications that Narasimha was worshipped much before Gupta and Maurya. As the Rig Veda definds Rudram Ganam (vedic recitation) to be the personification of Lord Narasimha, other references like Manyu sukta clearly shows the worship of Lord Narasimha in vedic times.

Kshirabdhi Puja

End of kartika Masa and end of Caturmasya Vrata puja is done to wake up Lord Vishnu from his yoganidra (sleep of 4 month). Also Tulsi Vivaha with Sri Salagrama is performed on that day.
Coconuts are offered and milk are poured into them, while visualise Lord Vishnu in Kshiradhi (milkocean). See the pics from the puja here in Berlin!

new sila arrived

I got one sila from my friend Padmandabha (passau) after he called me "silaKsora" (stealer of salagrama)... but see how nice he looks... like Laxminarasimha sila, as he is not bigger then a rooseberry in size.
enjoy it!

Freitag, November 03, 2006

new arrival

In America i got one new sila from my friend Chaitanya presented, a nice Laxmi Narasimha Saligrama. Here are some pictures from the puja. Two weeks ago i got another sila from my other friend Padmanabha from Passau, also a Narasimha. Now i have 12 saligramas, and 4 Narasimhasilas. Enjoy the tour!

Montag, Oktober 30, 2006

Burning Man

In august we had a funny function in the desert of Nevada/USA. A 6 day puja was going on between the wildest people from around the world. Some desert storm was blowing so strong that on one day we had to be inside the car... the other days we were giving out prasadam, books and kirtan for free to the 35000 people... very interesting show...

what in the last month's happens....

yes time runs and i cannot follow up with some news, but anyway from time to time im doing here some info. First we had great visit by HH Narasimha Maharaja with his disciple HH Madhava Maharaj in the temple of HH Paramadvaiti Maharaja with the name Kurukshetra (Invalidenstr.145)... here some few pics on this...the first one HH Narasimha Maharaja and HH Paramadvaiti Maharaj together in the Yoga class room of the Kurukshetra, then one under the door of liberty (?)in Berlin Mitte with a very special dress code for swamis (Narasimha Maharaj with Madhava Maharaja - please see the cool wood shoes of the jung swami! we have visit together also the Hitler bunker, the exhibitions of ancient zarathustra cults (fire worshipper) and sunk egypt remnants shown to the public. What a great day!

Sonntag, Oktober 15, 2006

Bookfare Frankfurt/M. 7.10.2006

On Saturday 7.10. 2006 the doors where open for the frankfurt Bookfare with India as the main Supporter for this year. More then 200 Book Companies from India has come to this event and have presented their new releases on all subjects from this indian subcontinent. My book also has been presented by the Bossworth Company on their table in the german book section. We have invited 5 Tavil and Nadaswaram musicians from the Sri Kamakshi Amman (Parvati Devi)Tempel near Münster to play some auspicious melodies for our new relase. You might remember how loud these instruments can be, so it was quite Punk Rock to let them play in the german hall. Anyway many people liked these special show and we had a good audience. Otherwise the whole Bookfare was a grand success for the organizer (more then 700000 visitors), and the Indian Goverment has given a very good overview / presentation on traditions, history and philosophy in the main hall of the place.

Samstag, September 30, 2006

Book Release

A new Book on south indian Music and travel expierence will come out soon, by my self under the Bosworth Company (, sorry it will be only in german language right now but maybe it comes also in english soon. It carries more then 100 A4 Pages with a lot of pictures from temples, holy spots and people. Also it contains a 60 minute CD on south indian Raaga Music. If you like to support and bring it out in your language please contact me.

Sonntag, September 24, 2006

News from the road

Dear friends - have being long time nothing going on here, as i have been in southindia, croatia and North america for the BurningManfestival. So i will make few comments on each trip and you have the chance to see some pics as well from there. Here we start from india, a very special trip for a upanayana Ceremony from my friend Sri Vidyabhushana's son in may. 3 day ceremony finalize with 4 swamys from 4 different Madhva Mathas, like Vitthala krsna Matha, Raghavendra Matha, Akshobhya Tirtha Matha and Kukke Subhramaniya matha. Means all together with 2 very nice Istha Narasimha Murthies worhipped by the matha swamys for centuries (see pictures). Later we went to mysore and Melkote. Unfortunate my Melkote Swamy left the world one year ago, and also Laxmi Tatachariar has moved to sri Rangapatnam. So the place is still as the same, except some very spiritual persons are missing. And thats what is the link...

Donnerstag, Mai 04, 2006

poland tour part3

driving from berlin to wroclaw takes 4 to 5 hours, depens how long one is stuck in the border. the roads are terrible, but they fixing it now. The town of wroclaw was more then 600 years german country and one can find many remnands on walls and streetnames. the town was built in such a way that it served as a baston, and got the name "Festung" Breslau. It had his main role in the second world war, and it only capitulated when berlin was taken over by the russians. It was sorrounded more then 4 month by the russian army and they had food and weapon production layed under earth. Still many bunkers are proofing this fact. The temple were the seminar was held is 15 km outside of the town and not very easy to find. One devotee was picking me up from some place close to the highway. The temple house is owned and has a very nice and big temple room. There we had the seminars going on.

poland tour part2

and here some more pics on the first impression...

poland tour part1

I was invited to the yearly Nama hatta Festival in Wroclaw to give a seminar on Rituals and worship in ancient scriptures of India from 29.4. - 02.05. 2006. So i set and packed my stuff for this journey, as i felt very much happy to see my friends and the country side again. I have seen poland first time when i was 10 years visiting towns like szcecin(stettin) just before the political turmoil and the oppression by the communist goverment. From that time i have developed a very much interest in this country. In my emmigrant time from east germany in the 80's i have visited Poland once to meet with my friends from the east after 6 years of no personal contact. So poland was always a country who struggled for freedom and justice, when others were living in aparthy and surrender to the oppressors. It was also one of the first country in the communist countries where devotees where allowd to preach and practise devotional Service.
When i came in the 80's to poland it was a poor country and people used to drink alcohol like mad. It looks it was the only thing one could get easy.
From that lot of things have changed, and entering poland by car this time only the roads remembered me on poland... Big billboards advertising socalled happiness or stuff no one needs. All looks like big USA country, and even the people are so into fashion, designs and big cars, rarely one sees this as poland. Big shopping miles with ikea, deichmann, cocacola and other foreign companies killing old articles from poland, what to speak the infrastructure of farmers and self made homeboys and girls. Only if one drives over villages, still one can see natural country side mixed with old houses from the germans or buildings made from precasted concrete communist slabs. Like this i have been surprised with the situation and here some pics to see whats going on...

Donnerstag, April 27, 2006

where is my father???

if you find out where is my father you will win the newest Malola CD "Stotra Sangraha" by Sri Vidyabhushana. I can say as much, he is not the singer but sits in the first line...
by the way, im not mental over the gone GDR, i just hope people become smart and such times will never repeat!

Dienstag, April 25, 2006

The festival for Narasimha will take place from 5.5. up to 13.5. on the south bavarian German Narasimha temple, and we invite all of you to participate. We will have special programms on specific Narasimha pujas and people can donate a certain amount, and these rituals will be done in their name, benefits will fall on them and the temple can maintain nicely the standards. here are some list we offer to all of you:

Narasimha Jayanthi Abhisheka in elaborate style 216 Euros
Herb-,Oil Abhisheka on other days 108 Euros
Raja Bhoga offering (main food offering) 108 Euros

even you might not be present on the function, the blessing will still go to you. The specific seva can be called in your name and prasad will be send to your given adress. Please feel free to contact:
all the best


Sonntag, April 23, 2006

Narasimha here in germany / East berlin

This is the Deity of Yogananda Laxmi Narasimha with utsava and snana Bhoga Narasimha (traveldeities) and his attendants like Mahalaxmi (Left), Sudarshana Chakra (right) Nammalwar, Tirumangai Alwar, Ramanuja, Vedavyasa and 18 Salagrama Silas. They will go on tour were ever it is needed and partake in festivals and pujas alike. Here in Berlin we will have weekly programms with Vishnu Sahasranama Japa sometimes homas and special pujas.

Apart of this Music Releases on Malola Music comes out as per wish by the Lord here in europe. please see under

News on Malola on Tour

This is the blog on Malola on Tour (with his different activities, like temple pujas, festivals, new music releases etc...) around the world and will be updated as needed. hope you enjoy it!