Dienstag, Februar 15, 2011

Demolish of Rama Sannidhis Dhyana Mandapa

In the inner courtyard of Lord Ranganathas Temple there is the famous arcakatemple of Lord Rama, were normally the initiations would take place for the new bhattarcaryas. That Rama temple dhyana Mandapa was in use for giving the sacred mantras and the secret teachings on the parameshwara samhita. It was a very nice place and wonderful designed with pillars with a raised plattform to sit and do Japa/meditation.
But the ignorant temple autorities of the Srirangam Devasthanam had decided to remove it, as it was staying in a way of a new metal construction of a kind of roof top for tourist to walk under. Please see the destruction and the mandapa how it was so nice before!
what is wrong with those people who manage the temples ? why they demolish ancient buildings to please tourists? If they remove the antiquity and inner culture of those places, it will be just a shadow of the actual worship. A temple is not a museum, but a living entity which nourish the people and culture of the whole humanity!!! Do something now against such invasions of vandalism in our temple!

Sri Rangam rediscovered!

Lord Ranganatha is very merciful and i was able to stay on his abode and do special pujas there. We performed Ayusya homa and one RgVeda Yagya with different suktas offered as ahutis along with herbs, spices etc... As well we did Annadhana (giving out food), and look how that taatooed guy looks like??? Brrrr... If you check the Homa pic you will see our pet Cat stting in the back and relaxing in the heat of the Homa!