Donnerstag, April 27, 2006

where is my father???

if you find out where is my father you will win the newest Malola CD "Stotra Sangraha" by Sri Vidyabhushana. I can say as much, he is not the singer but sits in the first line...
by the way, im not mental over the gone GDR, i just hope people become smart and such times will never repeat!

Dienstag, April 25, 2006

The festival for Narasimha will take place from 5.5. up to 13.5. on the south bavarian German Narasimha temple, and we invite all of you to participate. We will have special programms on specific Narasimha pujas and people can donate a certain amount, and these rituals will be done in their name, benefits will fall on them and the temple can maintain nicely the standards. here are some list we offer to all of you:

Narasimha Jayanthi Abhisheka in elaborate style 216 Euros
Herb-,Oil Abhisheka on other days 108 Euros
Raja Bhoga offering (main food offering) 108 Euros

even you might not be present on the function, the blessing will still go to you. The specific seva can be called in your name and prasad will be send to your given adress. Please feel free to contact:
all the best


Sonntag, April 23, 2006

Narasimha here in germany / East berlin

This is the Deity of Yogananda Laxmi Narasimha with utsava and snana Bhoga Narasimha (traveldeities) and his attendants like Mahalaxmi (Left), Sudarshana Chakra (right) Nammalwar, Tirumangai Alwar, Ramanuja, Vedavyasa and 18 Salagrama Silas. They will go on tour were ever it is needed and partake in festivals and pujas alike. Here in Berlin we will have weekly programms with Vishnu Sahasranama Japa sometimes homas and special pujas.

Apart of this Music Releases on Malola Music comes out as per wish by the Lord here in europe. please see under

News on Malola on Tour

This is the blog on Malola on Tour (with his different activities, like temple pujas, festivals, new music releases etc...) around the world and will be updated as needed. hope you enjoy it!