Samstag, Oktober 29, 2011

vastu puja and wellness fairs in and around germany

recently i have been in charge of doing Vastu pujas for fairs and meetings in wellness and yoga, before the programs start. And they have good results with the outcome of people and exihibitors in general. Just now im in Kiel were the fair of "Lebensfreude Messe" is held, in a old hall, were in the 1940 Submarines for the second world war were built. SO the place is quite contaminated with bad karma, as you can guess. After the puja we could feel the difference here and it was much more relaxed and calm for all of us. So Vastu Puja (clearance of space with fire and other elements) are a great science and can help the living entity to come close the the real purpose of life.

Freitag, Oktober 07, 2011

7. october 1949 - 2011

7. Oktober 2011

how ever thought about that the communist dictatorship would sink into history so fast? But nowadays people are bewildered and think that those days were better, people had no worries, enough of food and happy life. I hear that even more often in spiritual circles or from people who are spiritual connected to any sort of group, religion etc. and i wonder do they have been sleeping in that time, or to young to understand? But sorry please wake up, the evidence shows the real face of that time.

Communism had supressed and free will of different thought, what to speak to live your life in a different way as given by the autority. There was NO free lifestyle, you where not given any place to chant different names except the choosen ones (Stalin, breshnew, Honecker etc.). Dont ever think you could open a center for vedic studies in prenzlauer berg with a sign outside? If you would do so, they would come in a minute pack you up and you would end in Bautzen (one of the biggest and hardest jail in east germany). See the church bombed 1985 after a decision made as the church was to close inside the death zone of the berlin wall!

What to speak about offering any fruits, vegetables as there was NO easy shopping for those items. Life was much more hell as one can imagine today, but im always wonder if i hear people speak about those times in flowery words. History is twisted to fit into a ideal thinking which makes people go for hunting those ideals. But they all fail because it is based on a misconception and liar. Today we have the date of the GDR*s day of republic and im sure we will see some people run around in the streets protesting for their old communist time! What a lost of precious lifetime...

Navaratri Dasara Vijaya Dasami Puja

yesterday we had a special puja in home with the figgs we offered to Lord Narasimha as a garland.
That day marks the time when Lord Rama defeated the Damon Ravana in Lanka and the Pandavas recieved their hidden weapons under a pippal tree for the coming war of Kurukshetra. It is said that on that day what ever is started as new project it will surely happen and with success, as Dharma is on your side.
I did starting with editing the Narasimha Tapani Upanishad which is our newest and biggest project for the upcoming winter, as well editing the new book on sound travel trough north india (in german language). So far both projects got stuck in our daily work, but now it will be focussed to bring it out soon.
please send your blessings and best wishes for those two projects so that we can share our knowledge and experience with all of you. jaya jaya sri Nrsimha!

brrrrrrrr is cold again...

and i have not written anything for more then 6 month. It has been a tough time with all that things around us, and i excuse my self for that. But i hope now i can find some more time as our kid will go for kindergarden very soon!