Montag, Dezember 01, 2008

Narasimha Ksetra Ahobilam and Vijayanagara Dynasty

This stone slap i have found also 10 years ago, showing the Vijayanagara Royal symbol on the Mandapa. This time i was not able to find that special stone, as many stone slaps were falling off.

... and this is the same royal symbol found in Hampi, the capitol of the ancient Vijayanagara Dynasty! That proofs the antiquity of those lost Mandapas inside the Jungle of Ahobilam!

Lost Deity of Chenchu Narasimha!

Also i have not found again the ancient Deity of Chenchu Narasimha, who was situated in the area of Malola Narasimha Temple, Ahobilam, as well the Chenchu Devi stone on the way to Upper Ahobilam. It might be stolen or replaced somewhere else... It would be good to see those Deities again in Ahobilam.

Mandapas 10 years ago 1998

This is the Mandapa inside the Jungle 1998, still intact...

This is the Mandapa 2008!

You can see clearly the difference between this two pictures. 2008 has lost all the stairs down the water tank, and the two pillars holding the upper portion of the Mandapa are very delicate not to colapse! That Mandapa should be priority in all the fixing work!!

Mandapas 10 years ago

This is the Mandapa 10 years ago, 1998...

And this is the Mandapa spring 2008!