Sonntag, August 29, 2010

Gopurapatti 2010 completed part 2

Gopurapatti 2010 completed!!

Here are some pictures of impression on the new restoration and re-installation of our beloved Lord Ranganatha next the Kaveri only 12 km away from his main island. It was a ancient place of worship of Lord Ranganatha after the onslaught and demolition of Lord Ranganathas temple in the year 1311 AD, were the surviving priests escaped the killing by the muslim army and settled here. After returning of normality in south india in the 17th century the village became extinct and the temple fell apart. Only in the year 2007 our friend and wellwisher Murali Bhattar re established the temple with his personal effort and we all thank him for his wonderful service. Please all of you go there and visit this very unique place of Lord Ranganathas worship!

Donnerstag, August 19, 2010

restored Gopurapatti Ranganatha Temple 2010

Gopurapatti, the holy refuge of sri Vaishnavas in the hard times of muslim invasion

Gopurapatti is a small village around 12 km from srirangam temple away, and became a refuge village of the emigrating priests around srirangam in the years 1310- 1311 AD as a muslim invasion laid south india into fire by the great Hater of Hindu culture Malik Naib and his famous general Ulugh Khan. In that time a huge muslim army plundered the temple of Lord Ranganatha, and killed tousands of priests and devotees aroung the temple (that story will be told later in this blog). The utsava Murthy (Namperumal) fleed the island with one of his very close priests, and Pillai lokacarya was the head priest who carried Nammperumal to hide him, around his neck.

Who could flee from this onslaught were hiding in the hidden small villages around srirangam. Gopurapatti was one of those places, and it became soon after this devastating incident a refuge place for vaidika priests, as Kaveri is flowing in two parts as it would do around srirangam island. Those refuge priests started to worship they beloved Lord Ranganatha and very soon after they had built a small temple for Him here. After 46 years of hidding the original Utsava Murthi of Lord Ranganatha he returned from Tirupathi and recieved his original temple in Srirangam. So did the surviving priests and their family returned to srirangam, and the village Gopurapatti kept it secret and the temple declined. Only recently the ruins of Gopurapatti Ranganatha was restored and renovated by the community of Archakas from Srirangam, especially Murali Bhattar did his best to return Gopurapatti to his ancient glory and worship of Lord Ranganatha. The temple is rebuilt and i had the pleasure to visit this place, when it was still rebuilding. On 26th of august 2010 will be the Samprokshana Ceremony (reinstallation of the Main deity).
As the Mula Vigraha (the main deity from inside the sanctum sanctorum) was digged out the ground and many items were missed he was remodelled by the stapathies. The utsava Murthies were casted newly and blessed by the two Ahobilam Jeeyars recently (see picture).
Gopurapatti is a very smooth and relaxed village and has a very beautiful scenery around. It is perfect for spiritual practise and anyone who wants to support this temple (as it is in need of funds for the daily seva, like puja, food etc.) please contribute. If you want to visit Gopurapatti please do so and get the anugraham (blessings) of the Lord of Gopurapatti Ranganatha!!!

festivals and other occacions

dear friend, we had recently few nice festivals in and around berlin city, with a flux of hundreds of interested people. Beginning of august we had the Rathayatra festival on the very famous location, Kurfuerstendamm (also known as "Kuhdamm") with around 300 hare krishnas and tousands of tourists who are willingly or not had to hear the sound of chanting and wild cymbal concerts... all in all a very successful as i met many old friends and devotees who showed up. Then we had a 4 day festival of spiritual healing festival, 150 km away from berlin city. A mixture of techno/Goasound with the idea of healing and spiritual search. There was a healing area with 5 tipis in the middle of a nice forest were inside that circle we had done a nice and elaborate Fire sacrifice. Around 120 people joined those vedic chanting and offered rice and lots of fruits to Agni... The festival may have seen around 2 - 3000 visitors with a huge Lord Nataraja Statue in the middle of the dancefloor... (pics will be given later)