Montag, Oktober 30, 2006

Burning Man

In august we had a funny function in the desert of Nevada/USA. A 6 day puja was going on between the wildest people from around the world. Some desert storm was blowing so strong that on one day we had to be inside the car... the other days we were giving out prasadam, books and kirtan for free to the 35000 people... very interesting show...

what in the last month's happens....

yes time runs and i cannot follow up with some news, but anyway from time to time im doing here some info. First we had great visit by HH Narasimha Maharaja with his disciple HH Madhava Maharaj in the temple of HH Paramadvaiti Maharaja with the name Kurukshetra (Invalidenstr.145)... here some few pics on this...the first one HH Narasimha Maharaja and HH Paramadvaiti Maharaj together in the Yoga class room of the Kurukshetra, then one under the door of liberty (?)in Berlin Mitte with a very special dress code for swamis (Narasimha Maharaj with Madhava Maharaja - please see the cool wood shoes of the jung swami! we have visit together also the Hitler bunker, the exhibitions of ancient zarathustra cults (fire worshipper) and sunk egypt remnants shown to the public. What a great day!

Sonntag, Oktober 15, 2006

Bookfare Frankfurt/M. 7.10.2006

On Saturday 7.10. 2006 the doors where open for the frankfurt Bookfare with India as the main Supporter for this year. More then 200 Book Companies from India has come to this event and have presented their new releases on all subjects from this indian subcontinent. My book also has been presented by the Bossworth Company on their table in the german book section. We have invited 5 Tavil and Nadaswaram musicians from the Sri Kamakshi Amman (Parvati Devi)Tempel near Münster to play some auspicious melodies for our new relase. You might remember how loud these instruments can be, so it was quite Punk Rock to let them play in the german hall. Anyway many people liked these special show and we had a good audience. Otherwise the whole Bookfare was a grand success for the organizer (more then 700000 visitors), and the Indian Goverment has given a very good overview / presentation on traditions, history and philosophy in the main hall of the place.