Dienstag, April 13, 2010

Pujas in Kumbakonam

As i came from Pondicherry to my next destiny Kumbakonam* i did stop in Vaiteshwarankoil, a Shiva Temple, especially dedicated for the Graha of Mangala (Mars) were i had the luck at 9 pm to attend a special offering to Him. I met a very friendly nadi ready from the town here, who explained me every corner in this temple. As they follow the shiva agama scripture it has very close details to the Vaishnava Agamas as well. The town is famous for Nadi palmleaf horoscopes coming from the teaching of Suka, Shiva, Agastya and Brghu Muni's. Those astrology has a lot to do with psychology and mind reading if patients coming directly to them. And as with every business cheating is going on as well. So for Nadi reading pleas be careful with who you are connected. Im not saying everything is bogus, BUT a lot.
After this i went to Kumbakonam and arrived late night. Next morning i went for Darshan of Lord Sarangapani and recieved my blessing from my Agama Teacher Chakrapani Bhattar. At the evening we had a fantastic puja done and planed for the next days to come. Next day after Homa we went for Gangaicholapuram, the ancient capitol of the chola dynasty. The great Kulotunga the first has conquered even the ganges area, so he called his capitol according to this great tusk. The main temple what is left from the city is still intact for keeping tourist coming here. There are still some pujas inside to a very huge and fantastic shiva lingam, and are very impressive to take darshan. I will write later about the great empire of cholas, and some history about the connection with Vaishnavism in this country. One of the reason why i went here is this huge Narasimha with a cave inside to go in the mystic land of Lord Nrasimha!!! (see pic!) On the way back we crossed over a very huge Dam, built by the cholas - and it still function!! There i have seen the first time huge water crocodiles inside the kaveri... and huge signs dont bathe here otherwise you meet some nice crocosss... brrrrrrrr