Samstag, September 30, 2006

Book Release

A new Book on south indian Music and travel expierence will come out soon, by my self under the Bosworth Company (, sorry it will be only in german language right now but maybe it comes also in english soon. It carries more then 100 A4 Pages with a lot of pictures from temples, holy spots and people. Also it contains a 60 minute CD on south indian Raaga Music. If you like to support and bring it out in your language please contact me.

Sonntag, September 24, 2006

News from the road

Dear friends - have being long time nothing going on here, as i have been in southindia, croatia and North america for the BurningManfestival. So i will make few comments on each trip and you have the chance to see some pics as well from there. Here we start from india, a very special trip for a upanayana Ceremony from my friend Sri Vidyabhushana's son in may. 3 day ceremony finalize with 4 swamys from 4 different Madhva Mathas, like Vitthala krsna Matha, Raghavendra Matha, Akshobhya Tirtha Matha and Kukke Subhramaniya matha. Means all together with 2 very nice Istha Narasimha Murthies worhipped by the matha swamys for centuries (see pictures). Later we went to mysore and Melkote. Unfortunate my Melkote Swamy left the world one year ago, and also Laxmi Tatachariar has moved to sri Rangapatnam. So the place is still as the same, except some very spiritual persons are missing. And thats what is the link...