Mittwoch, Mai 30, 2012

Mahendra giri next to Mandasa village

Mahendra Giri is a mountain range described even in the epic Mahabharata and is identified to be the part of the mountain ranges in the east coast of India in Orissa. It is here were Lord Parashurama did his tapasya and did his worship and got the boon to stay up to the next pralaya (destruction of the universe). Later on he moved to Kerala and it is said that he is still visiting those mountains on shivaratri days (the festival of lord shiva, his personal Guru). Also it is said that the Pandavas did visit this place and ordered to built temples and places of worhip here. Not much is left and only one can find ruins in and around Mahendra Giri. I did walsk a bit around inside the jungle area and have found some stone pillars, carvings on rocks and even some carved lions (see pic). A very mystical place indeed!

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