Mittwoch, Mai 30, 2012

Mandasa temple, andhra pradesh

The temple is made from red sandstone and granit and is made beautiful carved with artistic vastu view in perfection. Each digpalaka Devata is seating properly in his right direction, and even some kamasutra carvings are there. At the backside of the temple one finds a 4 handed Ugra Narasimha murthy. Ther daily puja is mantained with trikala upasana (on 3 different times of the day with 16 upacaras worship) and the Vasudeva Murthy is around 2 meters in size. He as a beautiful set of Utsava deities in a seperate shrine and they come out for special functions and ceremonies like the Brahmotsava which took place middle of february 2012.

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