Freitag, Juni 01, 2012

Kurma Ksetra Patala Narasimha

One of the special feature apart from the only one Kurma Deity Temple in this world is the unique bathing tank in front of the Kurma Temple. A huge water tank with a single Mandapa in the middle is visible. But not many people know why it is there.

It is said that a special Ugra Narasimha Murthy by the Name "Patala Narasimha" is placed beneath. Normally that form is only worshipped in the region of Patala (below the Bhu mandala) by great devotees like Bali or Prahlada. It is said that this deity was so furious to handle and the worship was placed in a body of water to keep it cool and pure.
There is only one carving remembering the worship of Lord Patala Narasimha visible in the Kurma Temple, were pilgrims put Sandalwood powder over him, - again to cooool Him down! 

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