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Mysore, the city of Yoga and great History

Mysore has been developed rapidly especially the Gokul area of the town, were the famous Astanga Yoga centrum by Pattabhi Jois has been established. I have been here 1991 and can see the clear difference in sites, prices of land and people as well.
Yoga had and still have a very strong influence on Mysore, as most backpackers and travellers come to this city for learning or exploring this art. Of course mysore as a ancient city has a lot of different subjects to offer, many good musicians come from here from were one can learn, bombastic palaces and temples are in and around the place and a very famous sanskrit University and library is attached to this place. That is also the spot were T. Krishnamacharya has started his career as a sanskrit/Nyaya philosopher, but thought about to teach something different, which he has learned in the Himalayas. YOGA ...
Many things has been written, published and documented on this in the west – much more then Ayurveda, Vastu or  vedic astrology, still the western approach is much different then the original idea is taught in classical schools of Yoga in India. In India many they expect a very strict discipline on the disciple which many westerners can`t or wont` follow. On top of this comes the difference in understanding the cultural and ethical pillars of Yoga, were indians believe the mingling of opposite sex is the death of Yoga practice, expect you do the Vama Marga (by the way very rare that people can follow that too).  Westeners dont seems to be interested in the first pillars of Yoga taught by Patanjali (Yama and Niyama is all about that). I have read many socalled „commentaries“ by westeners and even modern indians on the Yoga Sutras, were would ask after reading it, if he is writing about Yogasutras based on the sutras or on his material polluted ideas of „ i become famous“? Anyhow therefore BNS Iyengar, who is one of the last disciple of T. Krishnamacarya in Mysore teach two classes one for indians and one for westeners in two different places in mysore. The main course for indians is held in the very orthodox Parakala Matham Temple compound of the Vadakalai Sri Vaishnava Tradition, near Jagan Mohan Palace. Their are very strict group of worshippers following the Hayagriva Upasana. It may had clashed with the western understanding of living,as this place is still a place of worship and rituals very much. Therefore he has another course to offer, which is mainly for westeners in one private House near the chamaraj double road, Lakshmi talkies (cinema). Courses are usually between 7 am and 12 amevery day, except Sunday.
T.Krishnamacarya in PadmAsana

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