Dienstag, März 13, 2012

Divya Sanketam Hyderhabad (shamshabad)

a wonderful temple has been built 3 years ago under the supervision of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamy near the Hyderhabad Airport, along with other projects (school for blind and disabled youth, school for girls, Agama school for vedic pandits, etc.). The temple structure is made in a 3 floor building on each floor a specific Vigraha and temple formation. First floor is dedicated to Lord Rama, as he walked on earth, a huge Mula Vigraha (around 2 meters in size) with a full set of Utsava and paridevatas and alwars. On the walls you will find the whole ramayana done in orissa painting witha short explanation in telegu and english. Early morning you have first pujas at 5 am and everyday a Nitya Homa and Kalyanam for the Lord.
Second Floor you will find Lord Ranganatha with his special Vimana formed same as in Srirangam with a detailed picture on 108 Mudralakshanas for nitya aradhana.
Third floor have Sri Vaikunthanatha, as He would reside in Vaikuntha, in BHujangaAsana with Sri, Bhu and Niladevi. Also the whole YogapeethAsana is given and one can see Krta-, treta-,dwarapa and Kaliyuga, satya, dharma, vairagya and aiswarya all in personal forms serving the Lord. very unique and nicely done. On the walls you will find tousands of servants attending the Lord in awe and reverance. Outside the sealings you can see how a surrended Soul reachs the supreme abode after leaving the material body (i guess it is taken from the vaikuntha gadya of Sri ramanuja). Anyhow enjoy the photos.

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