Dienstag, März 13, 2012

Vizag Asta Mukha Ganda Berunda Narasimha temple

I have recieved some informations that 4 temples existing of this special Form of Lord Narasimha, and one is in Vizag (Visakhapatnam). I got the infos from a Narasimha upasaka from Guntur, Mr. Prasad who helped me to get to this place. It is faroff from the main city, near the new iskcon temple and the vedic school of HH Chinna jeeyar swamy, opposite the University just next to the seashore. It took us a bit to find the road (as usual in india) but we managed to get there. It is a ancient siddhaplace with a Mahashivalingam at the center of the spot. But just before you enter the temple complex you will find a small temple shrine with 8 windows. Each window you can see the different face. Unfortunate the Upasaka who built the temple has left the world allready, and only once in a year the perform special puja in this shrine. What i saw is that some differences in the faces and numbers of arms is here, and the pujas are all done not according to pancaratra but pancopasana. Anyhow the Yagyashala just opposite this special Narasimha shrine is huge and very impressive.
The only sad story is that only once a year they perform puja for the murthy and it looks very idle and desert.

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