Dienstag, März 13, 2012

Mandasa history

just 4 hours away from JagannathaPuri, just next to the orissa/andhrapradesh border a very special and ancient temple is hidden in the dense forest. Just few years back this area has been strongly occupied by naxal/mao guerilla and the temple has been looted of all his wealth and ancient treasure. Pujas had been stopped and the utsava vigrahas were moved to other more like city temples. Until HH Chinna jeeyar Swami had come and made a sankalpa to renovate and restorate this ancient spot to his old glory. The history goes back to the 14th century and the building was done in the oriya style like jagannathapuri temple. I came for the annual Brahmotsava and the pranpratistha ceremony for a old rebuilt shrine for Hanuman.
It took us more then 3 hours by car from Vizag on this crazy highway which leads to calcutta, and which has one of the highest death toll in accidents. We saw few very devastating accidents on the way, with burning of cars etc. was looking like war ! Anyhow we made it safe to Mandasa and arrived in midnight. I came in the car of Ahobilam Jeeyar, so he was recieved with Purna Kumbha and sannyas sukta... and we had a wonderful darshan of the temple with the Moon as our lightgiver.

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